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RESTshop classes
for adulTs

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april Fools Fusion!

Jumpstart to Partner Dance | David Phillips 

Monday, April 1, 2024 @ 7 pm

Fusion Social Dance

with DJ Amy Diane Morrow @ 8 pm

$10-$25 pay what you can


Do you have friends you’d like to introduce to the joys of partner dancing? Maybe you'd like to learn the other role or a different dance style?

This RESTshop Class, Jump-start to Partner Dance, will do the trick. Because it’s based on principles of the Argentine tango, we’ll be able to dance to almost any style, tempo, and rhythm of music. It also provides a jump-start to any other partner dance style a person wants to learn.

7 pm | RESTshop Class
8-10 pm | Fusion Social Dance with DJ Amy
*all is pay what you will - no one turned away for the ability to pay!



Cyphaa Street Jam  | Jonathan Pattiwael 

Tuesday, April 2, 2024 @ 7:30 pm

Cash Prizes

$15-$10 pay what you can


It's official! JayWAN and Rest Fest presents:
Enter the Cypha in Austin, Texas. Come one, come all.

Enter the Cypha is an open jam session for dancers of the Street Vernacular - Hip-Hop, Breaking, House, Waacking, Krump etc. We'll be playing various Hip-Hop, Breaks, Funk and House tracks throughout the evening!


Cypher Queen, Cypher Queer and Cypher King cash prizes for three people slayin the dance floor with the most finesse all evening.

$55 cash prize to Cypher Queen

$55 cash prize to Cypher Queer

$50 cash prize to Cypher King

because equality ≠ equality 

Sliding scale entry $5-$10. Proceeds go to Unhoused Artist programming.

2024 REST Fest Artist RESTshop Persi Cover.jpg

herding llamas

Contemporary Floorwork | Persi Mey

Thursday, April 3, 2024 @ 4 pm

$10-$25 pay what you can

Class Description:

Persi's class will work through layers of creative problem-solving, conditioning, and floor work to enhance your mind-body connection and expand your range of movement possibilities. T-shirts, socks, and knee pads are recommended, but not required. Llamas provided.

About Persi:

Persi Mey is originally from Clawson, Michigan and relocated to Houston in 2022 after spending a couple of years in Kansas City, Missouri. They received their BFA in Contemporary Dance from Indiana University ‘20, and are currently creating work as a resident artist at the Houston Metropolitan Dance Center.

An eclipse’s fleeting nature leads me to reflect on change, transformation, and how relationships no matter how near or far have deep impact on our lives. This gathering of creatives reflects, to me, the value of connection.

@persi_mey IG

VinYasa flow

Vinyasa Flow Yoga | Kayur Patel

Thursday April 5, 2024 @ 4 pm

$10-$25 pay what you can

Class Description:

Let your energy flow during this REST Fest class based on the Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar). Focus on your alignment and breathe through a series of standing and seated poses which incorporate balance and backbends. A class for all movement levels as pose variations will be shown.

About Kayur:

Kayur Patel is a community artist in Austin, Texas specializing in poetry, dance, theatre, and storytelling. Kayur recently performed with ACC Dance at the Texas Dance Improv Festival and at the American College Dance Association. You can find him performing at the Ground Floor Theater for Dance Carousel.  Kayur works as a teaching artist with Paramount Theatre, Austin Bat Cave, and Leap of Joy. He has led workshops for trauma healing through arts at the Georgetown Palace Theatre and at the Georgetown Art Center. Kayur has worked with artist communities as a performer and choreographer. He was selected as a featured artist at Austin Community College for his work regarding trauma and racial healing through art. 


XYZ pracTice

XYZ Practice  | Amy Diane Morrow 

Saturday, April 6, 2024 @ 4 pm 

$10-$25 pay what you can

Come experiment with movement and creative tools that will help you do what you do even better, AND do what you love with those you love even longer. We learn from our bodies as our teachers about pleasure, communication, resiliency, adaptability, compassion, and vitality through creative problem solving and expression.


All of you with a desire to move with interest in human development and diverse experiences, ages, and abilities. 

X, Y, and Z are coordinates for how we navigate life and find our way back to ourselves.

We are guided through personal somatic practices with Amy Morrow using tools inspired by fighting monkey, cultivating qi, Gaga, Feldenkrais, with inspiration from Jesse Zaritt, Deborah Hay, Kira Blazek, Jason Akira Somma and most importantly, each other. 


  • What is your biological make-up, physicality, and personal expression? 

  • How does your solo practice bring you back to a baseline, a zero point, a balance of kinesthetic potential? 

  • What is the unique experience of being yourself in your body?

  • We challenge our speed, dynamic variability

  • We are body-positive and pleasure activists, and our weaknesses are opportunities for growth and deeper understanding

  • We rest and digest the research

*photo © Doc List Photography

2024 REST Fest Artist RESTshop Aura Cover.jpg

arT classes

Art with Aura

Austin Ukrainian Refugee Assistance


Dried Flowers Greeting Card

April 4 2024 @ 5 pm

Join us for a creative workshop where you'll learn to craft stunning greeting cards adorned with beautifully preserved dried flowers. Perfect for any occasion, these personalized cards add a touch of elegance and charm to your heartfelt messages. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a beginner, our expert-led session will guide you through the process step by step, ensuring you leave with a masterpiece to cherish or gift. Don't miss this opportunity to unleash your creativity and create something truly special with dried flowers! All materials provided.

Wire Sculpting 

April 5, 2024 @ 5 pm

Join REST Fest Co-producer for a wire sculpture class. "All you touch you change." -Octavia Butler

Dot Mandala 

April 6, 2024 @ 5 pm

Join AURA (Austin Ukraininan Refugee Assistance) for a relaxing and meditative art experience as we explore the world of Mandala Dotting! In this workshop, you'll learn the basics of Mandala Dotting and create your own stunning piece of art. No experience necessary! All materials provided. 

• Learn various dotting techniques and patterns

• Create your own unique Mandala design

• Take home your finished artwork and a newfound skill! 

$10-$20 pay what you can

resT fesT info

REST Fest Passes


Vip pass


FesTiVal pass

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ToTal eclipse

of our 




Our EThos

Pay from the Heart community shows are on Thursday, April 4th!

Give what you can and come receive what you need.


Eclipse myths tell of celestial dragons and humans fighting for the light. Before the sky goes dark in the day, let's light up Austin with parades, live music, dance, haptic art, dinner in the dark, and practice RESTiprocity. 


RESTiprocity Solidarity: We won't rest until everyone can rest! 

We appreciate weather donations for our neighbors under the stars!

ie: socks, shirts, hammocks, cooling cloths, reusable water bottles, and sanitary items


Thank you for believing in homegrown art! 
All proceeds directly pay unhoused artists to create and curate art shows with our producer, Fisterra Projects.

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