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The human body in the 21st century

What games do you play to keep yourself young?

We invite athletes, educators, practitioners, physiotherapists, scientists, artists and all kind of enthusiasts from different disciplines, who have the courage to test and give space to new ideas on how we consider physicality in terms of practicality, creativity and actual context. 

It is a seminar that serves as a basic platform for further study of the Fighting Monkey Practice. We will give you an overall introduction to the qualities and ideas that have been developed over the last 15 years of the F.M. research.


It is for dancers, movers, martial artists and people who are interested in human development.


You will experience mainly “movement situations”.


Irregular training methods to provoke and increase the adaptive value of your behavioral traits and strategic planning. We will work with complex structures to improve your movement qualities and increase your creative variability.


We will help you to understand the underlying principles of human motion and how stress and pressure affects our perception, behaviour and actions and how creatively adaptive you are in complex situations.


Foster improvisation, imagination and creativity.


The above are vital to problem solving.


Which is vital to adaptability, longevity and sustainability.


Play games.


Expose yourself to difficulties.


Filled with joy, laughter and movement. The warm-hearted exercises they present is life changing and the way it is done finds no comparison. They really made me touch base again helped to let go of stress & anxiety.

Henrik Eiberg

Stuntman, CEO for Body SDS

Copenhagen, Denmark

I constantly use tools that I learned from Fighting Monkey in order to work with my physical limitations and find more coordinated ways to utilize my body.

Shira Yaziv

Athletic Playground


As a UFC fighter and MMA, I've been seeking new methods of training to maximize my results. I'm very humbly is essential to what I do and how I heal.

Alberto Mina

Brazilian MMA



*Min 15 participants will be accepted through February 15, 2020.

Tuition due March 1, 2020.



March 28-April 1, 2020

Saturday - Wednesday




Austin, TX


Full Workshop: $410

Early Bird *by January 28: $325

*space is limited. Drop-ins open March 10 as available.



email Lillie Burgess at to apply for our competitive scholarships.

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