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Performance Club

The Performance Club is an imagined library in which everyone quietly engages in one’s own research for 45 minutes following a pre-scheduled 15-minute work-in-process by a single artist. The entire evening runs for exactly one hour.


"It has been a busy and productive 2024 for the Deborah Hay Dance Company with much of our work and development occurring in Austin. Following February Evenings with Deborah Hay 2024, Hay decided to set in motion a Performance Club that will start October 2024 and running through March 2025."

- Deborah Hay Dance Company


Up to 50 individuals can sign up to become Performance Club members for a 6-month period from October 2024 through March 2025. Membership sign-ups begin on May 25, 2024, and will remain open until all spots are filled. A large membership ensures the presence of some members attending a 1-hour Performance Club event held over the course of 5 consecutive nights, during which one artist has the opportunity to develop a single work.

Please sign-up for membership via this online form:


  • Exclusive access to a work-in-process

  • Networking opportunities with artists

  • Unique cultural experiences

  • Ability to invite a guest to evening showings



Sign-ups for performers will take place in August 2024, with 12 spots available. The Performance Club will be held on the 1st and 3rd week from October 2024 through March 2025). Performers will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please sign-up to perform via this online form:


Each individual performer will have the opportunity to share a work-in-process, limited to 15 minutes, for 5 consecutive nights. During the remaining 45 minutes, everyone present is invited to generously attend to their own interests without imposing those interests on anyone else, possibly inspired by the 15-minute study. All performances will begin at 7 pm and end at 8 pm (unless otherwise decided by the performing artists).

Every night’s event is precisely 1 hour.



Each artist is responsible for securing the location for the five consecutive evenings. Members who attend are invited to help cover the cost of studio rental and pay donations directly to the artist at the door. The artist may keep the remaining donations as their performance fee.




All Performance Club members are invited to attend one or more of an artist’s showings. Members may also invite a friend who might not otherwise have access to this opportunity.


We are committed to making all performances accessible. Please get in touch with us if you need any specific accessibility.



Members interested in getting more involved can volunteer to help performing artists with club events. Please reach out to Amy Morrow ( for more information.



Enjoy exclusive membership benefits for with a one-time payment of $50 (just $8.33 a month for six months!).


Please pay using one of the following options:

Paypal a friend:

Venmo: @fisterraprojects

Cashapp: $fisterraprojects

Zelle:; (817) 692-2263

Check: Amy Morrow (P.O. Box 152134, Austin, TX, 78715)


*Administrative work will ensure the seamless flow and success of the program through necessary work, including these responsibilities:


          • Promote membership, focusing first on returning attendees, then the general public.

          • Create and manage an artist sign-up form and communicate details with 12 performing artists.

          • Send monthly performance reminders to members in the first week.

          • Attend each artist's first performance to ensure smooth events.

          • Arrange insurance for each performance.

          • Design, maintain, and update a private membership website and calendar.

          • Manage payments and receipts for membership registration.

          • Address miscellaneous needs and unforeseen circumstances.



We value your feedback and suggestions. Please share your thoughts to help us improve the club's activities and offerings.



Amy Morrow ( is available to assist artists with administrative help, questions, and updates. Performance updates will be announced on a private website made exclusively for members. She will provide one private monthly update via email to club members, reminding them of upcoming performances, space details, attendance capacity, and parking information. Admission to performances is on a first-come, first-served basis, with no reservations needed.

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