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TAAOM 2020 Fall Seminar Replay

Registration opens November 13-30, 2021!

Registration is Closed
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TAAOM 2020 Fall Seminar Replay
TAAOM 2020 Fall Seminar Replay


Dec 11, 2021, 7:00 PM


About REST Fest

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, TAAOM is providing a virtual seminar that will meet all of the requirements for one year (17 hours) for acupuncture continuing education (CAE) required by Texas Statute. All of the topics original presented on October. 31 and November 1 have been recorded and are now available for you to access until November 30. For the first time ever, we are pleased to offer you the choice of being able to sign up for either the full 17 hours, a 9.5 hour segment or 7.5 hour segment with a discount, or, if you prefer, you may select individual topics.

The Fall Seminar includes topics covering a variety of topics presented by 9 experienced to help you support and meet the needs of your clients during this crisis. You will find a Registration Information sheet here that includes the schedule of topics, presenters, CAE hours per topic and individual cost per topic, along with how to register. Registrations will be accepted online, although, if you have any difficulty, just call Leslie (see contact information below). Online registration opens November 11. Click here to register. Once you have registered, you will receive an email listing all of your selected topics that provides a link (including Meeting ID and Password) to each topic, accessible via your browser. You will also a link to all of the supplemental materials for your chosen topics and an Attendance Verification form with instructions on their use. Remember, these topics will only be available for viewing until midnight on November 30, 2020.



3 Hours - $84.00

Meridian Balance Treatment for Pain

Robert Laguna, MSOM, LAc.

Meridian balancing is an extremely effective approach to the treatment of pain and many other syndromes that can be put to use in your practice IMMEDIATELY!

The principle objective of this course is to provide an introduction to balancing the acupuncture meridians through acupuncture or acupressure in order to treat many of the patients seen by practitioners today. The meridian balance approach utilizes 5 treatment approaches based on the Chinese bagua. This particular methodology is very effective in the treatment of pain, respiratory, endocrine, and reproductive problems, just to name a few. We will also discuss the effective herbal formulas used in support of the meridian balance treatments.

CAE Credits: General Acupuncture-2.5; Herbology-.5

1 Hour - $28.00

Women’s Emotions and Blood Deficiency

Dongxin Ma, PhD, M.D (China), LAc.

Both men and women can have emotional diseases, but there are some differences in the differentiation of syndromes. TCM has a saying: "Woman is blood, man is qi." We will discuss how we can relate this saying to the treatment of a woman’s emotional and physical conditions simultaneously using primarily herbal treatments, as well as exploring other supporting options.

CAE Credits: General Acupuncture - .5; Herbology - .5

2 Hours - $56.00

Part I: Whole Health—How the Veterans Administration wants to change the culture of healthcare and how that impacts the acupuncture community.

Claudia Voyles, DAOM, LAc

The largest healthcare provider in our country is changing the way it understands health and health care. The Whole Health Initiative will change the way Veterans get care in the VA and in the community. We will explore the tenets of Whole Health initiative and how it might influence the field of Traditional East Asian Medicine, including the creation of jobs for acupuncturists. We will also explore the expectations of the VA for community providers serving Veterans through TriCare including documentation and patient management.

Part 2: Ears, Ears, Ears—Current trends in auriculotherapy: protocols and patient self-acupressure.

Claudia Voyles, DAOM, LAc

This class will provide and overview of auricular therapy and some of the more recent protocols such as Battlefield Acupuncture and HMI Auricular Trauma protocol; how to incorporate the ear into clinical practice; and the role of auricular therapy in the pandemic and beyond. 

 CAE Credits: General Acupuncture - 2.5

.5 Hour – Free


Claudia Voyles, DAOM, LAc;

Qianzhi Wu, PhD., MD (China), LAc

Discussion of Safety protocols that have proven effective for practitioners during the current medical crisis, including the specific Safety protocols established by NADA.   CAE Credits: Safety - .5

3 Hours - $84.00

Treating Emotional Disorders caused by the Health Crisis

Qianzhi Wu, PhD., MD (China), LAc

The Covid-19 crisis affects our life from all aspect that causes a lot of emotional disorders. This presentation will provide treatment protocols based on acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine, Tuina, Qigong and traditional Chinese exercises to induce psychosomatic relaxation and treat the physical symptoms caused by emotional disorders, such as insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression, panic attacks and so on. 

CAE Credits: Biomedicine - .5; General Acupuncture - 1.5; Herbology - 1

3 Hours- $84.00

Qi Transformation Pattern & Strategy of TCM Treatments for Covid-19 cases

Jing Fan, PhD, MD (China), LAc

This presentation will review the valuable experience of TCM treatments for Covid-19 cases in China and the U.S., discuss the classic pattern differentiations for Covid-19 cases with the theory of Yin-Yang/Qi Transformation, and provide the real experienced oral/topical herbal formula, acupuncture, Qigong exercise solutions for different stages of the Covid-19 disease.

CAE Credits: Biomedicine - 1; General Acupuncture - 1; Herbology - 1

1 Hour- $28.00

Basic Wellness Labs

Christina Captain, DAOM, MSAOM, MSHN, MA, DIPL. AC, AP, SLP, DOM

Review of basic essential blood labs relative to TCM practice. This biomedical course will explore basic laboratory assessments for evidence based treatment protocols that will better inform your treatment protocols.

CAE Credits: Biomedicine - 1

2 Hours- $56.00

Moldy To Healthy—Recognizing CIRS

Marlene Merritt, DOM, MS Nutrition, CNS, IFMCP 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia -  do you have complex patients who have seen 15 practitioners and who don’t get better… it’s now being seen that the root of these issues is a biotoxin illness. Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome encompasses multiple biotoxin vectors, and we will be discussing the one responsible for more than 80% of CIRS patients — water-damaged buildings and the immune response and dysregulation that can occur when exposed to mold and fungal fragments. This course will cover the screening process that you as a practitioner can do to determine if a patient has CIRS, and what tests should be ordered to confirm a diagnosis. We will also discuss specifics about what to look for in a house if mold is suspected, and how to accurately test a house for mold. Learning to recognize CIRS will transform your practice, and make you a hero to your patients who have been desperate to find an answer.

CAE Credits: Biomedicine - 1; General Acupuncture - 1

1.5 Hours- $42.00

Ethics for the Caring Professions

Anne Byrd-Garofalo, MSSW, LCSW

Leslie Myers, J.D., LAc.

Review of ethical guidelines, case studies and discussion of ethical issues arising out of the Covid-19 health crisis.

CAE Credits: Ethics - 1.5


The Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners has granted to TAAOM (Approved Provider # CAE00004) a total of 17 hours of CAE credit for this Fall Seminar:

· Biomedicine - 4

· General Acupuncture - 8

· Herbology - 3

· Safety and Ethics - 2

These courses may be used for PDAs by NCCAOM for recertification purposes.



TAAOM members will receive 50% off the total value of the full seminar and 1 day registration options, Non members who register for the Full or 1 Day options receive a discounted price.

If you prefer to choose your own topics or add more topics to an individual day discounted registration, prices are per topic. See attached Registration Form.

Includes .5 Safety Roundtable - free

· Full course - 17 hours - $308-TAAOM member / $355 non-member

· 1 Day - 9.5 hours - $168-TAAOM member / $194 non-member

· 1 Day - 7.5 hours - $140-TAAOM member / $162-non-member

· Individual courses - $28 per hour / $14 per half hour (except for Safety Roundtable)


QUESTIONS?  Contact Leslie L. Myers, TAAOM Fall Seminar Coordinator

512.585.2118 or

Please share with friends and colleagues you think might be interested!


  • Full Course - 17 hours (TAAOM)

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  • Full Course- 17h (non-members)

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  • 1 day - 9.5 hours (TAAOM)

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  • 1 day - 9.5 hours (non-member)

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  • 1 day - 7.5 hours (TAAOM)

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  • 1 day - 7.5 hours (non-member)

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  • Individual Topics (1.5 hours)

    I prefer to individually select my topics per one and a half hour.

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  • Individual Topics (per hour)

    I prefer to individually select my topics per hour.

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  • Free Safety Roundtable

    I prefer to individually attend this complimentary half hour session.

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