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Welcome to Dreamland


Original Drawing by Elizabeth Hartzell

Dreamscape I

Dreamland InsTallaTion


October 20-23, 2022 @7:30pm

George Washington Carver Museum Courtyard




Rest in Peace


Visual art by Denver Gonzales

Copper wire, rocks, gold ink, dried flowers


In honor of our 700 friends and neighbors who passed away since the freeze of February 2021 and Prop B July 2021. We hold the memory of your light in our hearts.




The Dreaming Tree


Original vocals by Sabrina Reitman

Original music by Leoncarlo (Th/Fri) and Boss Street Band (Sat)

Soundbath by Plantonics & The Theorists

Projection by Max Richardson

Visual art by Elizabeth Harzell and Oakley Thigpen


When they try to burry you, remember you are a seed. Come rest under the canopy of the Dreaming Tree.




XYZ Atlas Virtual Reality


Inspired by the visionary Jennifer Chenoweth

Performance: Ashleigh Taylor in collaboration with audience participants

Music by: Plantonics & The Theorists


Where do you feel a sense of belonging? The path of our emotional worlds are forged while we walk. Be both the map maker and the traveler. You belong here.






Choreographic Score and Performance by Alana Stubbs


This project was inspired by a walk I had with my dog. I was walking around the streets of Boston and saw broken glass, plastic bags, crumpled up face masks, cigarette butts, empty fast-food containers, soggy pants, and a whole pizza crust. The number of objects that were scattered about the sidewalk perplexed me. This one moment then led me down a rabbit hole of thoughts on how much junk litters both our physical environments and our mental spaces. We live in a world that has much more waste than is healthy and people, including myself, suffer from this more than we realize. We all deserve to live in clean environments and have un-muddled thoughts. I hope that this piece will inspire people to clean up junk from both their physical environments and their mental spaces.




Artistic Décor


Original designs by Keegan Goethals, Sabrina Reitman, and Denver Gonzales


Everything you see is uniquely handcrafted by local artists and for sale!



Artisan Market

Featuring @denverartaustin, @Resinsbyrenna, @fetosoap,




Dreamscape I

Thursday, October 20th, 2022 @ 7:30pm

Boyd Vance Theater



Consolation of Chaos


Creation by Corps Multiple

Choreography by Sandie Donzica

Featuring Sarah Jack and Sandie Donzica (dancers), Heather Barfield and Kevin Welch (musicians)

Music by Key Hole


A journey of self-discovery and meaning of the self. We dive into a deep personal human journey, offering a perspective on our conceptions of self and identity. On stage, the two sides of one being meet. Together, they will reach their completion, well... maybe?



Dreamscape II

Boyd Vance Theater

Thursday, October 21st & 22nd, 2022 @ 6:30pm


Honest the Expression


Performance and Score by Jonathan Pattiwael

Music credits: Bruce Lee, Strictly Breaks, Sergio Mendes, Ogyataana ShowBand, Tragedy Khadafi, DJ Wicket


Honest the Expression is a seven-minute improvised solo exploring what it means to honestly express oneself without censorship in the Hip-Hop movement vernacular.



Something Up Her Sleeve


Performance and Score by Amy Diane Morrow

Vocals by Sabrina Reitman

Conversation while Dancing by Amy Diane Morrow and Lloyd Weatherspoon

Music by David Quick, Leoncarlo Canlas (Fri) and Boss Street (Sat)


I’d give you the shirt off my back

But I’ve got something up my sleeve

If another one bites the dust

I can’t help you get up


I can’t help you get up

Stop pulling my leg

I can’t help you get up

Can you pull my leg, I'm stuck


When another one’s down

And nothing’s up my sleeve

I know that I know that I know

I know that you’ll stand by me

Hurt Under Pressure


Performance by Denver

Vocals and Guitar by David Quick

Musical arrangment of Hurt by Johnny Cash and Under Pressure by Queen


Life is about the redistribution of energy. We often focus on the deaths of the unhoused. We often forget to celebrate the lifes and those who transition into housing. This is about two sides of the same coin and we have to look at the whole coin. Will you use your voice? There's people in the streets. This is ourselves under pressure.



DREamscape III

Boyd Vance Theater

Friday & Saturday, October 21st & 22nd, 2022 @ 8pm


All Together Now

by Improv On and Off The Stage


Performers: Shannon Stott, Aaron Seinz, Mykell Jewell, Stephanie Fonseca

Journey Guides: Emily Arnold Fleming (Behavioral Analyst) and Luke Wallens (Drama Therapist)

Musicians: Kenzie Slottow and James Tabata

Technical Director: Braden Baumbach

Audio Lead: Dow Zabolio


Improv On and Off the Stage presents, All Together Now. Be a part of crafting an Improvised story built by your experiences and the cast’s expertise in Drama Therapy and Behavioral Science. You don’t have to be a scientist or an Improviser to dive into the hilarious and poignant stories these professional, award-winning improvisers create around you. Expect to make connections with your fellow audience members, share your story and see how Improv can create a universe in which you are seen, heard, and loved. You’ll emerge saying “I didn’t know I could do that!"

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