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Inbal Oshman


Int. Dance Festival | Bangalore, India | Attakkalari Dance Company

2013 World Premiere


Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Festival

2014 Israeli Premiere


Geneva Camerata Performances

2017 European Premiere


Montclair State University | New York Baroque Incorporated

2018 North American Premiere

One of Israel's youngest and brightest!

– CultureBuzz

*Currently booking 2018/19 US Tour

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M Stabat Mater
M Stabat Mater
M Stabat Mater
M Stabat Mater
M Stabat Mater

Photos © Eyal Landsman

​M A thrilling amalgam of ancient music and contemporary movement, M is a sensual, powerful, feminine piece that explores universal aspects of motherhood.


M is a  journey that moves in between motherly strength and pugnacity on the one hand, and the very vulnerability and tenderness of motherhood on the other hand.  M takes inspiration from the myth of Mary as well as other mythical Mothers such as the dark raging Hindu Goddess Kali and the biblical Four Matriarchs. 


M premiered at the International Dance Festival in Bangalore, India, performed by Attakkalari Dance Company (2013). It received enthusiastic response from the audience and praise from critics.  It successfully premiered in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem Festival (2014). M is performed in Europe with the prestigious  Geneva Camerata. In 2018 M will premier in the USA as part of Peak Performance program at Montclair State University with the New York Baroque Incorporated.

Inbal Oshamn is an Israeli choreographer and dancer based in Tel Aviv. Oshman’s dance pieces find inspiration in diverse cultural sources and offer a unique artistic experience. Her movement and vision create a unified sensitive compound of mythical, historical and cultural elements from different worlds.


Since 2006 Inbal Oshman has created several globally acclaimed dance pieces, among them: M Stabat Mater, Fitting Room, Yellow Bride, Gradation, Rising Down and Border Lines.

In 2013, Oshman was a resident choreographer in Attakkalari Dance Company, Bangalore, India. In 2015, she was a resident choreographer in Kyoto Arts Center, Japan, and created a new dance piece titled The Cuckoo’s Cry.  


In 2016, Oshman will perform M Stabat Matar in Geneva as part of a co-production with Geneva Camerata, one of Europe's most innovative and acclaimed orchestras. In addition, Oshman was selected to be a Resident Artist  in  Bat Yam Municipality's Fest'Factory and Shoonya Center, Bangalore, India. 


Constantly researching theory of the choreographic act, Oshman is also a graduate of the Philosophy and History Department of Tel-Aviv University.

For booking inquirings contact Amy Morrow (

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