Witty, fearless, and wildly super-articulated vocabulary all his own.

– Janet Smith, The Georgia Straight


All together they form a strong and exciting ensemble, bringing to the stage an exceptionally high level of performance

– Israeli Ministry of Culture


First Chorographic Prize

– Copenhagen International Choreography Competition 2014 & Hanover International Choreography Competition 2014


Best Ensemble Cast Awarded in 2014

– Ministry of Culture



These dancers are extraordinary performers. They have an impressive and exciting physical awareness, musicality, and unique qualities of mobility." -Israeli Ministry of Culture

Idan Sharabi & Dancers

Photo © Tami Weiss
Photo ©Gadi Dagon
Photo © Tami Weiss
Photo © Tami Weiss
Photo © Tami Weiss
Photo © Tami Weiss
Photo © Tami Weiss
Photo © Tami Weiss
Photo © Tami Weiss

Photos © Tami Weiss


Idan Sharabi & Dancers was founded in fall 2012. After creating “Home” in 2010, Sharabi started gathering the group & by the end of 2012, they were touring Sweden with “Joni Solos Series”. In 2013, they premiered “3Works” in SD Tel Aviv, and were invited by DDT to perform “Adar” in Copenhagen Summer Dance Festival 13’. The next fall, they were supported by The Israel Festival & Israel Ministry of Culture, to premier “Nishbar” in ‘Curtain Up’, and then in International Exposure Festival 13′. In March 14′, Sharabi & Dancers were touring Holland, Canada, Italy & Germany: teaching master classes, premiering “Makom” in Chutzpah! Festival Vancouver, and performing in “Food For Thoughts” of The Italian Dance Alliance, Rome. In addition, they won the 1st Prize for Choreography in both CICC7 and Hannover International Choreography Competition as well as the Israeli Minister of Culture Award for “Best Performance of 2014”. In May 14’, IS&D performed “Makom” in Korzo Theater, Holland and then premiered “We Men” at the Russian ‘Open Look Festival’. After that they performed it in different theaters in Israel and in Sep. 14', they premiered “Interviews” in Machol Shalem Festival. Following that, they premiered “Scheherezade”, an orchestral collaboration conducted by Gil Shochat, in Herzlyia Park, dedicated to the former president, Mr. Peres, who attended the event gave his blessing to the company. In Nov. 14’, they collaborated with Corpus & The Royal Danish Theater in Copenhagen & after that, they performed “Makom” in The Israel Museum, in Jerusalem. In Jan 15', they premiered “Schocat Sharabi Chopin,” a live piano show with Shochat in Israel, and in Feb. they presented their full program “Interviews/Makom” in Chutzpah! 15’ in Vancouver, Canada. Currently, the company is preparing a tour that includes invitations to perform in the 8CICC Gala & The Copenhagen Summer Dance 15’ in Denmark, The Vignale Monferrato Festival in Torino (Italy) The Sziget Festival in Budapest (Hungary) Operaestate Festival Veneto in Grappa (Italy) and National Arts Centre Ottowa (Canada).



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